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An overview of the digital thermometer


Digital thermometer imported chip assembly of high precision, high stability, error ≤ 0.5%, within the power supply, micro power, stainless steel housing, sturdy protection, refined appearance.
Digital thermometer with imported high-precision, low temperature drift, ultra-low power integrated circuits and wide temperature liquid crystal display, built-in high-energy battery working continuously for ≥ 5 years without the laying of electricity supply lines, is a high precision, good stability, The applicability of the new site of the highly temperature indicator. Is the ideal substitute for traditional on-site pointer bimetal thermometer is widely used in various types of industrial and mining enterprises, universities, research institutes. Temperature the number of daily production and life, real-time access to the physical quantities, but it is to look not just by feeling it can only feel about the temperature value, the traditional pointer thermometer can indicate the temperature, but low precision, is not convenient enough to use, the display is not intuitive, digital thermometer allows intuitive understanding of the temperature in the end they want to know how much. Digital thermometer with a temperature sensitive element is the temperature sensor (platinum resistance, thermocouple, semiconductor, thermostat, etc.), the temperature change is converted into electrical signals changes, such as changes in voltage and current, temperature and electrical have a certain relationship, such as the linear relationship, a certain curve relationship between changes in the signal, this signal can use the analog-digital conversion circuit AD converter circuit, the analog signal into digital signals, digital signals and then sent to a processing unit, such as SCM or the PC processing unit calculated after internal software to the digital signal and the temperature up to become the temperature values can be displayed, such as 25.0 degrees Celsius, and then through the display unit, such as LED, LCD or computer screen display gives observation. This completes the digital thermometer temperature measurement function.
Digital thermometer based on the use of different sensors, AD converter circuit, and the different processing units, has a difference of its accuracy, stability, temperature range, it is necessary according to the actual situation, choose to meet the specifications of the digital thermometer. Handheld digital thermometer, plate mounted, and the medical volume.