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Data logger DR-100 used in food storage and transportation


It is very hard to preserve the food fresh during food storage and transportation process. There are two major factors to effect the food storage and transportation. They are temperature and equilibrium relative humidity. For example: When the equilibrium relative humidity is within 95% RH to 91% R H, it is easy to breed colonies of Salmonella, lactic acid bacteria, molds and yeasts .When equilibrium relative humidity value of cake is 81% RH, its shelf life is 27 ℃, 14 days .When the value is changed to 85% RH, the cake can be keep 12 days at 21 ℃. The preservation time of food is changed with the change of temperature, and equilibrium relative humidity. So, if you want to keep the food fresh, you must control the environment of the food storage and transportation.

When you want to transport and ship refrigerated foods in the long-distance, how to prove that the goods have remained specified temperature and humidity conditions in the receiving is very important. A data logger can resolve the question .You just need to practice in the delivery of a logger into the cargo hold, and start it. The temperature and humidity logger with a precision internal clock can timely response the data. When the value reach the warning, it will timely alarm to remind you to change the environment. If you use a data logger DR-100, it will be easy and possible to keep the food storage and transportation in the long-distance.Many food companies use our products to find a powerful way of scientific management refrigerated transport. So, when your food need to store and transport in the long distance, you can select our products,DR-100.