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Frequently Asked Questions about Printing for Data Logger


When customers or end users buy our data loggers DR-100 or DR-400,
They often send us emails to say: DR-100 or DR-400, could not print, but after our reply and they check again, in fact all loggers can print for sure.

So here we list the steps to check before printing:
1: Set the menu followed by Manual
2: Before printing, pls ensure the key SEL is on (the light on). If not on, pls press SEL key
3: Pls ensure the voltage 12-24VAC/VDC,
  If higher than 24V, it may damage the IC of data logger
  If lower than 12V, even the loggers can work, but could not print.
4: If there is already some "other" data in the memory of data logger, then the loggers can’t print. The reasons why cause such "other" data in the memory,
A: due to strong interference, to cause other data
B: When connect the wire, if not right, then it will also cause such other data.
In this case, pls press Reset key to release the memory, then it can print again.

All data loggers are tested 48hours before shipment, so pls ensure its quality. When meet no printing, pls Check following above 4 steps, and then you will see loggers can print for sure.