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Fridge Thermometer


fridge thermometer is placed inside the machine from inside and outside the two-way temperature (internal probe), compact, ultra-thin shell and large screen display. Particularly applies to the temperature of the room, car, refrigerator, air-conditioning outlet, etc., the result is intuitive, fast response, high accuracy.
Each digital thermometer has a long temperature probe cable about 1 m, refrigerator thermometer can also be the probe placed in the window, the display on the interior, to observe the outdoor temperature, you no longer need to open the window, open the door, summer, winter indoor air conditioning, but also in a timely manner according to outdoor temperature changes, to properly adjust the air conditioning temperature.
Dual probe to detect the two temperature, with clock function and chic appearance. Apply to the maintenance of refrigeration equipment, refrigeration engineering.
There are three models in our fridge thermometer, their features are as follows:
With Max/Min, In/Out temperatures display at the push of a button, with a programmable, audible High/Low Temperature Alarm (remote probe only), a small, water resistant, detachable remote probe.