Infrared Thermometer PM-950

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Infrared Thermometer PM-950
Brand Name: Neutral or KingTill
Brief Info: Temperature Range: 200℃~2500℃

Product Description

Infrared Thermometer: PM-950

Temperature measuring Range: 200℃~2500℃ (392℉~4532℉)
Accuracy: ±2% or ±2℃
Distance Spot Ratio: 80:1
Emissivity: 0.1~1.0 adjustable
Resolution: 0.1℃or 0.1℉(<1000℃),1℃or1℉(≥1000℃)
Response Time & Wavelength: 500ms & (0.9-1.7) um
Repeatability: ±1% or ±1℃
Tripod Mounting

RS232 & DC Output interface
Software included to install in PC, operate and analyze data
4000 Data Store/Recall Function

Average and Difference Function
Max and Min Function
High/Low Temperature Alarm Setup
Data Hold Function
Laser Target Pointer Selection
Backlight Display Selection
Auto Power Shut Off

Power: 9V Alkaline Battery
LCD size: 44*37.5mm
Product Size: 220*134*60mm

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