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Refrigerator and Freezer Data Logger


      KT Instrument Data Logger offers wired data loggers to refrigerators, freezers and cryostats. Temperature Recorder is widely used for the storage and transportation of foodstuff, medicine, fresh and live goods. It is used in the industries which are accordant with HACCP. Furthermore, it can be used in any place where need temperature supervising. If you need to capture, record and archive data, we have several data logging solutions to meet your needs.
      There are data loggers measure and record temperature data at high accuracy., our data loggers and sensors optional that are suitable for measurement from -40℃ ~ +650℃. DR series have large data recording capacity, high accuracy, easy to use and install. And also along with LR-10 loggers is software that provides security and traceability for the measured data. Finally, we can offer calibration and validation services for you.