Temperature Controller TC-10

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Temperature Controller TC-10
Brand Name: Neutral
Brief Info: Switch between cooling, heating; 1 relay, 1 NTC sensor

Product Description

Temperature Controller TC-10 
Switch between cooling, heating; Return difference to control temperature
Delay protection when refrigeration or heating starts. Temperature calibration;
Alarm when sensor error
Technical Parameter:
Power supply: 220VAC±10%
Power consumption: 3W
Sensor: NTC, 1PC, Sensor wire: 2M
Temperature Measuring range:-50 to 99℃
Temperature Controlling range: -40 to 70℃
Resolution: 1, Accuracy: ±1℃
Relay contact capacity: 10A/250VAC

Mounting size: 71×29(mm)
Product size: 77.0×34.5×65.5(mm)

Code Function Setting Range Unit Default
HC Working Mode
1:Refrigeration  2: Heating
C or H   C
d Temp. Return Difference 1 to 15 5
LS Temp. lower limit setting -40 to set Temp. -40
HS Temp. upper limit setting Set Temp. to +70 70
CA Temperature Calibration -5 to + 5 0
Pt Compressor Delay time 0 to 9 Min 1

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