Temperature and Humidity Controller THC-10

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Temperature and Humidity Controller THC-10
Brand Name: KingTill or Neutral
Brief Info: Temperature and Humidity controller

Product Description

Temperature and Humidity Controller THC-10
Temperature Control and Humidity control
Temperature Alarm function with buzzer, Parameter Locking
Technical Parameter:
1. Power supply: 230VAC, 50/60Hz
2. Sensor: 2pcs, one for temp. and one for humidity
3. Temperature measuring Range: -45 to 120℃(-49 to 248℉),  Accuracy:  ±1℃(±2℉)
     Temperature controlling range: -45 to 110℃(-49 to 230℉)
4: Humidity measuring and controlling range: 1 to 99%RH,  Accuracy:  ±5%RH
5. Product size: 77(L) × 35(W) × 60(D) mm
     Mounting size: 71(L) × 29(W) mm
6. Operation Temperature: -10 to 60℃(14 to 140℉);
Operation Relative Humidity: 20%to 90% (No condensing)
7. Relay Output contact capacity:
    Temperature control: 16A/250VAC, 
     Humidity Control: 10A/250VAC

Code Function Set range Default
E1 Lower setpoint limit -45℃/-49℉to Set temp. -35℃/-31℉
E2 Higher setpoint limit Set temp. to 110℃/230℉ 40℃/104℉
E3 Temp. Return difference 1 to 10℃/ 2 to 18℉ 4℃/7℉
E4 Comp.start delay time 0 to 10Min 2Min
E5 Offset on room Temp. -20 to 20℃/ -36 to 36℉ 0
C1 High temperature alarm Set to 115℃to OFF, Set to 239℉ to OFF 40℃, 104℉
C2 Low temperature alarm OFF to-44℃to Set, OFF to -47℉to Set OFF
C3 Alarm time delay 0 to 90Min 30Min
CF Temperature unit C=Celsius, F=Fahrenheit C
CH Temperature control mode C=Cooling, H=Heating C
H1 Humidity Return difference 1 to 70%RH 20%RH
H2 Humidity offset -10 to 30%RH 0%RH
H3 Dehumidify &Humidity switch 0=Dehumidify, 1=Humidify 0

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