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The Parameters which a data logger can records


A data logger, can log many different parameters as below:
Input Signals: The input signal to a data logger is a physical quantity like the temperature, pressure and relative humidity.
However, some devices have programmable inputs. The programmable inputs offer a provision of using the same input for any kind of physical parameters.
Some of the types of physical quantities that can be measured are
Pressure (barometric, absolute and gauge)
Pulse (flow and speed)
Temperature or Humidity (zero and extreme hot)
Speed and Memory: The speed is determined by its sampling rate. The sampling rate depends upon the internal memory available. The internal memory available is generally low, hence the sampling rate of the logger is less.
Size: The size is extremely compact and size can be a critical parameter in various data acquisition systems.
Power: These devices are powered externally. Battery powered devices are also available.
Real-time Operation: The data collected is generally in real time, and is stored in the computer.

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