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The two key parameters of a Solar thermometer


The two key parameters of a Solar thermometer
There are two parameters which are very important for a solar thermometer:
One is Illumination as below:
Illumination means in which environment (how light), the solar thermometer can work or not.
The Illumination can be from Sun light or cold light. Here we use LUX to refer Illumination.
For LUX, the smaller, the better.
When LUX is smaller, that means Solar Thermometer can work in a very dark environment.
For our Solar Thermometer (Solar Panel Meter), at beginning was at LUX200 when we firstly produce in 2005. When in 2000, the LUX went down to LUX80.
But we still think there are space to enhance the lux much more smaller, so in 2010, after our continuously working on it, the LUX finally goes to LUX40 and LUX50.
Now our two models: DST-60A at LUX50, and DST-10+ at Lux40.
Now these two models are very popular in the Refrigeration cabinet markets.
Another one is Accuracy:
At beginning, the accuracy of our Solar thermometer is +/-1Deg.C from -30 to 50Deg.C,
In order to have a better and more accurate temperature measuring, from last year,
We have worked out and make the accuracy at +/-0.5Deg.C (-30 to 50Deg.C)
With this enhancement, our solar thermometer can offer more value to our customers,
And give an accurate temperature measuring for food, or other subjects.
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