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The using methods of our thermometer and timer CT-5


Temperature Alarm Set
1. Press [SET], display MAX alarm-temperature(HI)
2. Press [UP] or [DOWN] to set the High-Alarm Temperature value
3. Press the [SET] again, display MIN Alarm-Temperature(LO)
4. Press [UP] or [DOWN] to set the Low-Alarm Temperature value.
5. Press [SET] again to finish the setting.
6. When setting, Press [UP] or [DOWN] for 3 seconds, the value will change automatically.
7. When measured temperature exceeds the set alarm temperature range, it will alarm
8. Press any key to cancel alarm. “HI” or “LO” will flash till the measured temperature back to the set alarm temperature range.
MAX/MIN Temperature display
1. Press [MAX/MIN] to display the MAX temperature, “MAX” will flash
2. Press [MAX/MIN] again to display the MIN temperature, “MIN” will flash
3. Then Press [MAX/MIN] again, back to normal display
4. Press [MAX/MIN] for 3 seconds, display “888.8”, to clear MAX and MIN value
Data Hold
1. Press [HOLD] to hold the measuring temperature, and the “HOLD” will flash on.
2. Press [HOLD] again to normal display
Timer Set:
  1. Press [HOUR] to set countdown hour value, press [MINUTE] to set countdown minute value
2. When countdown, [:] on the LCD screen will be flashing all the time till countdown finish.
3. When countdown, press [START/STOP] countdown stop; press [START/STOP] again, countdown start.
4. Press [HOUR] and [MINUTE] together to clear the set time.
5. When countdown to 00:00, alarm will sound, [:] will stop flash, press any key to cancel alarm.
6. Press [START/STOP] for 3 seconds, to display the set countdown time.