Thermocouple Thermometer PT-23/25

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Thermocouple Thermometer PT-23/25
Brand Name: Neutral or KingTill
Brief Info: Temperature: (K-Type) -50.0˚C to +500˚C (+600˚C)

Product Description

Thermocouple Thermometer: PT-23/25

Temperature Measuring range: (K-Type) -50.0˚C to +500˚C (+600˚C),    -50.0˚F to +932˚F (+1112˚F)
Temperature Best Accuracy:
K, J, T, E-Type: 0.2% ± 0.6˚C, R, S Type: 0.2% ± 2˚C, N-Type: 0.2% ± 1.5˚C
Can match with K, J, T, E, R, S, N-type temperature probe

Display Resolution: 0.1˚C (when > 999.9˚C, 1˚C)
PT-23:T1 input, PT-25: T1, T2 input,
˚C/˚F/K Selection
High/Low Alarm, High/Low Signal Output
User Self-Calibration
Data Logging: 100 points, USB Data Transfer
User Setup
Temperature Data Hold
Electricity Cut Off Memory
MAX/ MIN/ AVG temperatures
Sleep Mode
Low Battery Display 

General Specification:
LCD Size
Product Color
Product Net Weight
Product Size
Standard Accessories
Individual Packing
Quantity Per Carton
Carton Measurement
Carton Gross Weight
USB (Auto Double White Display Backlight) or 9V Battery
Red and Grey
Battery, Manual, USB Cable, CD Software, K-Type Probe
Gift Box
40 PCS
46*39*27Cm (0.048 CBM Per Standard Carton)
Probe range: (Users can match as below range probes)
Temp: K-Type
Temp: J-Type
Temp: T-Type
Temp: E-Type
Temp: R-Type
Temp: S-Type
Temp: N-Type
-200.0˚C to +1372˚C,   -328.0˚F to +2501˚F
-210.0˚C to +1200˚C,  -346.0˚F to +2192˚F
-250.0˚C to +400.0˚C,  -418.0˚F to +752.0˚F
-150.0˚C to +1000˚C,  -238.0˚F to +1832˚F
0.0˚C to +1767˚C,     +32˚F to +3212˚F
0˚C to +1767˚C,      +32˚F to +3212˚F
-200˚C~+1300˚C,     -328.0˚F to +2372˚F

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