Temperature Controller KT-520

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Temperature Controller KT-520
Brand Name: Neutral or KingTill
Brief Info: 5 Relays, Two NTC sensors, 2m (L)

Product Description

Temperature controller KT-520

Temperature measuring and Control / Automatic defrost by electric heater or hot gas,
Light Control, Electric heater defog/ High and Low temperature alarm, Self Testing /Parameter Locking

Technical Parameter:
1. Power Supply: Output transformer 12VAC
2. Temperature sensor: NTC, two sensors, 2m (L)
3. Temp. measuring range: -45℃ ~ 150℃    Accuracy: ±1℃
4. Temp. controlling range: -45℃ ~ 50℃      Default : -18℃
5. Dimension: 142(L) × 38(W) × 35(D),   Mounting Size: 137(L) × 31.5(W) mm
6. Operating environment: Temp: -10℃ ~ 60℃;  Relative Humidity: 20%~90%(No condensing)
7. Relay output contact capacity:
    Compressor: 30A/250VAC
    Defog: 10A/250VAC
    Evap. Fan: 5A/250VAC
    Llight: 5A/250VAC
    Defrost heater: 10A/250VAC

Parameter Function Set range Default
E1 Lower set-point limit -45℃~Set temp. -30℃
E2 Higher set-point limit Set temp.~50℃ 30℃
E3 Temp.Return Difference 1~10℃ 4℃
E4 Comp.start delay time 0~10Min 2Min
E5 Room Temp. Calibration -10~10℃ 0
E6 Evap.Temp. Calibration -10~10℃ 0
F0 Defrost Mode 0=Electric heater  1=Hot gas 0
F1 Defrost Time 1~60Min 20Min
F2 Defrost Cycle 0~24Hr 6Hr
F3 Defrost termination temp. 0~50~0℃ 8℃
F4 Display during defrost 0=Normal display
1=Last value before defrost
F5 Dripping time after defrost 0~10Min 2Min
H1 Fan start delay time 0~10Min 1Min
H2 Fan operating function 0=Parallel with comp.
1=Continuous running except defrost
H3 Fan control during defrosting. 0=always OFF  1=always ON 0
C2 High temperature alarm C3~130℃ 40℃
C3 Low temperature alarm -45℃~C2 -40℃
C4 Alarm time delay 1~90~1Min 60Min

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