Temp. Data Logger DR-400

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Temp. Data Logger DR-400
Brand Name: Neutral or KingTill
Brief Info: Memory capacity: 16000 points ( MAX)

Product Description

Data Logger DR-400

DR-400 Temperature Recorder is widely used for the storage and transportation of foodstuff、
medicine、fresh and live goods. It is used in the industries which are accordant with HACCP.
Furthermore, it can be used in any place where need temperature supervising.

LCD with backlight display,
Two NTC probe (PT1000 optional),
Waterproof panel (IP65),
Large data recording capacity, high accuracy, easy to use and install
Password protection,
Data reservation automatically after power off
2. Technical Parameters
Temperature measuring range: NTC: -40℃ ~ +120℃, PT1000: -200℃ ~ +650℃
Display: LCD, two lines, backlight adjustable
Input: Two NTC probe (PT1000 optional)
Three-digit input (NO or NC)
Recording channel: Two (one optional) channels
Accuracy: NTC: ±0.5℃ (-40℃ ~ +80℃); 1℃ (other range)
                  PT1000: ±0.3℃ (-50℃ ~ +200℃); 1℃ (other range)
Memory capacity: 16,000 points ( MAX)
Recording cycle: 1 Min. to 999 Min (adjustable)
Resolution: 0.1
Printing output: Mini thermal printer, paper wide is 57mm, 40 characters/line
Relay output capacity: SPDT 10A 250V
Power: 12 ~ 24VDC (85-265Vac optional)
Operation Temperature Range: -20℃ ~ +50℃

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