Temp. and Humidity Data Logger LR-10

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Temp. and Humidity Data Logger LR-10
Brand Name: KT Instrument or Neutral
Brief Info: Temp. and Humidity Data Logger LR-10, 16,000 points, -40℃ to 85℃

Product Description

Data Logger LR-10 for Temperature and Humidity
Data Logger LR-10, is widely used for Temperature and Humidity recording in storage and transportation for Food,
Medicine and Chemicals, especially suitable for Temperature-Sensitive shipments.
Technical Parameters:
Temperature measuring range: -30 to +60℃, (Output sensor: -40 to +85℃, optional)
Sensor: input NTC (included), output NTC sensor 1.1M (optional)
Humidity measuring range: 0 to 99% RH

Accuracy: Temperature +/-1℃, Humidity 5%
Resolution: Temperature 0.1℃, Humidity 0.1%

Recording capacity: 16,000 points
Recording interval: 10S to 24hour (adjustable)
MAX and MIN Temperature and Humidity alarm
With buzzer for sound alert
With USB and software included to download and analyze data in computer,

Power Supply: CR2450 battery or by USB Interface
Operation Environment Temp.: -30 to +60℃
Product Size: 90x47x17 (mm)

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